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Below you find a list of our most popular products. Contact us for availability, prices, MOQ, shipping costs and other information.

Product Name Variations
Milk Chocolate Buttons 37%
Dark Chocolate Buttons 52.7%, 65.1%, 72.7%
Dark Chocolate Chips 40.7%
Premium Chocolate Couverture Caramel, Ruby
White Chocolate Couverture 35.7%
Cacao Nibs Organic
Cacao Powder Natural Process 100%
Cocoa Powder Dutch Process 100%
Dark Chocolate Bars 75%, 90%
Cacao Mass 100%
Compound Chocolate Sticks Compound
Compound Chocolate Buttons Compound
Chocolate Pralines 12pc, 24pc

We also provide custom products (MOQ 10 tonnes) and white label services such as packaging under your own brand.

Please contact us for quotes and additional information.

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